Video Editing Diploma Course

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Video Editing Diploma Course

This Course shall include training of Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Audition also.  Video Editing Diploma Course

Microtech Institute offers a comprehensive Video Editing Diploma Course that equips students with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the field of video production. This course is designed for individuals who want to learn the technical and creative aspects of video editing and production, including the latest tools and techniques used in the industry.

Course Overview

  • Learn the basics of video editing and production
  • Explore advanced techniques for creating professional-quality videos
  • Gain hands-on experience with industry-standard software, including Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro
  • Create and edit video projects from start to finish, including capturing footage, editing, adding sound and special effects, and exporting finished projects
  • Receive guidance and feedback from experienced instructors with years of experience in the video production industry

Course Content

During this diploma course, students will learn the following:

Introduction to Video Editing

Students will learn the basics of video editing, including terminology, workflow, and tools. They will also learn how to use Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro, the two most widely used video editing software in the industry.

Video Production Techniques

Students will explore various techniques for creating high-quality video projects, including camera angles, lighting, and composition. They will also learn how to storyboard, plan and execute a video project from start to finish.

Advanced Video Editing Techniques

Students will learn advanced video editing techniques, including color correction, special effects, and motion graphics. They will also learn how to optimize videos for different platforms, including social media and streaming services.

Audio Editing and Mixing

Students will learn how to edit and mix audio for video projects, including adding sound effects and music. They will also learn how to create voiceovers and synchronize them with video footage.

Professional Video Production

Students will learn how to prepare for professional video production, including creating a project plan, preparing equipment, and working with a team. They will also learn how to present and market their finished video projects to potential clients.


Upon completing the Video Editing Diploma Course, students will receive a certificate of completion from Microtech Institute. This certificate demonstrates their proficiency in video editing and production and their commitment to professional development in the field.

Overall, the Video Editing Diploma Course offered by Microtech Institute is an excellent choice for individuals who want to gain practical skills and knowledge in video production. The course covers the latest tools and techniques used in the industry and is taught by experienced instructors with years of experience in the field. Students will receive hands-on training and guidance to help them create professional-quality videos from start to finish.


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