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Lecture 09  International Shipment Cargo and Courier Role in Export Business

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Importance of Cargo and Courier in Export Business

1 Prof Mirza Shaban Zafar Advocate Principal Owner Microtech institute sialkot best college institute for short computer diploma courses

How to Select the Best Products for Export in Pakistan

Embarking on an export business in Pakistan requires careful consideration of product selection. The success of your venture hinges on Import Export Course offered by Microtech Institute helps you understand the dynamics of international trade and guides you in choosing the best products for export that cater to global demand.

Cargo and Courier Companies in Pakistan: Your Export Partners

Cargo and courier companies play an integral role in facilitating international trade by ensuring timely and secure transportation of goods. In Pakistan, a range of reputable companies offer reliable services to enhance your export business:

Famous Courier Services Companies

  • DHL Express Pakistan
  • TCS (Tranzum Companies & Services)
  • Leopards Courier
  • UBL Express
  • OCS (Overseas Courier Service)

Renowned Cargo Companies

  • PIA Cargo
  • Shaheen Air Cargo
  • TCS Cargo
  • FedEx Cargo
  • Cargomaster

Optimizing Export Logistics

Engaging with these esteemed companies streamlines your export logistics. Courier services are ideal for smaller shipments, offering efficient and trackable delivery to international destinations. On the other hand, cargo companies are well-suited for larger consignments, providing cost-effective transport solutions.

Microtech Institute and Expert Guidance

Complementing your product selection and export strategies, Prof Mirza Shaban Zafar shares valuable insights on international trade through his informative videos. Harnessing knowledge from both Microtech Institute and expert guidance empowers you to make informed decisions that lead to export success.

Thriving in Global Markets

With a solid foundation in product selection, export documentation, and collaboration with reliable cargo and courier companies, your export business in Pakistan is poised for growth. Navigate the intricacies of international trade confidently, expand your reach, and build a successful presence in global markets.

Cargo Companies in Pakistan

TCS (Tranzum Companies & Services)

One of Pakistan’s most prominent courier and logistics companies.

Leopards Courier

Offers courier, cargo, and logistics services across Pakistan.

UBL Express

Provides nationwide courier and cargo solutions.

OCS (Overseas Courier Service)

Offers domestic and international courier and cargo services.

QCS (Quick Courier Services)

A reliable choice for express courier and cargo solutions.

Air Cargo Companies in Pakistan

PIA Cargo

The cargo division of Pakistan International Airlines.

Shaheen Air Cargo

Provides air cargo services for various destinations.

International Cargo Companies with Operations in Pakistan

FedEx Pakistan

Offers international courier and cargo services.

DHL Pakistan

Provides international express and logistics services.

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