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Lecture 08 Documents for Export Invoice Packing List Undertaking Price List

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Importance of Price List for Export Business

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How to Prepare PRICE LIST

in Excel for Export

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How to Prepare Invoice / Per forma Invoice for

Export Business

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How to Select the Best Products for Export in Pakistan

In the realm of international trade, proper Export Documents for Export Business play a pivotal role. These documents, including Invoice, Price List, Packing List, and Undertaking, are essential for a seamless export process.

Product Selection for Export

Choosing the right products for your export business is crucial. This procedure involves thorough product research on Alibaba, Amazon, and eBay to identify best-selling and high-demand items. This step ensures a successful venture into international markets.

Export Documents and Their Significance

  • Invoice: A detailed record of the goods’ value and terms of sale.
  • Price List: An itemized list of product prices to guide buyers.
  • Packing List: A list of items in each package, aiding customs inspection.
  • Undertaking: A commitment to adhere to export regulations and laws.

Microtech Institute: Your Learning Partner

Microtech Institute offers comprehensive training on import-export procedures. Enroll in the Import Export Course to gain practical insights into the intricacies of international trade.

Expert Guidance by Prof Mirza Shaban Zafar

Learn from the expertise of Prof Mirza Shaban Zafar through insightful video lectures. His guidance enhances your understanding of export dynamics.

Embark on a Profitable Export Journey

Equipped with the knowledge of import-export processes and armed with accurate export documents, your export business in Pakistan is set to thrive. Choose the best products, follow the guidelines, and make your mark in the global market.


Key Export Documents and Their Explanations


An Invoice is a detailed document that provides a breakdown of the goods or services sold in an international trade transaction. It includes information such as the product description, quantity, unit price, total value, payment terms, and any applicable discounts. The invoice serves as a crucial record for both the exporter and the importer, facilitating accurate accounting, customs clearance, and payment processing.

Proforma Invoice

A Proforma Invoice is a preliminary document sent to the buyer before the actual transaction takes place. It outlines the terms and conditions of the potential sale, including product details, prices, and terms of payment. While not legally binding, a proforma invoice helps establish a clear understanding between the parties involved and serves as a basis for negotiation and agreement.

Packing List

A Packing List is an itemized document that accompanies the shipped goods. It provides detailed information about the contents of each package, including the type and quantity of products, packaging materials used, and net/gross weights. This document assists customs officials in verifying the accuracy of the shipment, helps with customs clearance, and aids in the efficient unloading and distribution of goods upon arrival at the destination port.


An Undertaking is a formal declaration made by the exporter to adhere to all the legal requirements and regulations governing export trade. It ensures compliance with export control laws, international trade agreements, and any specific conditions associated with the exported goods. By signing the undertaking, the exporter commits to conducting their export activities in accordance with the law and taking responsibility for any potential violations.

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